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Mother poses in a naughty way with son

Mother poses in a naughty way with son

Social media is buzzing with yet another “Akuapem Poloo and son-like” photoshoot. The trending pictures have got netizens talking and reacting in fury.

The new, yet disturbing photos see an uncultured mother posing in an erotic style with her underage son. We assume the son is not even up to the age of 10 years.

As seen in the grid photos, the mother kissed the son and posed in a manner[sexual provoking styles] that are not advisable for a child.

The poses are rated highly 18+ and she could be arrested for that.

Apparently, the mother was celebrating her birthday and decided to go this way thus posting such photos to make her day a wonderful and trendy one, but she got it all wrong with this.

The nationality of the woman and son is unknown at the moment however, they are from one of the African countries.

See below some reactions from netizens;

ghpoy: “Eeiiiiiii this mothers errr! ”

twinkle_: “ah waaa look”

peterugonz: “This is so disurbing??????“

emmanuel: “Jesus is coming… see this foolish picture”

Readers could recall, Ghanaian actress and socialite Rosemond Alade Brown otherwise known as Akuapem Poloo suffered [even worst] public humiliation after she posted a photo of herself and son where she knelt before him with no clothes on.

That one picture almost ruined her life as social media users alongside some child rights organizations called for her arrrest. It became the biggest topic in Ghana that time.

Almost everybody added their voice. The police, traditional councils and other International bodies took her on.

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