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    Lasizwe set to feature in first comedy movie

    Lasizwe set to feature in first comedy movie

    Making a name for himself as a vlogger and reality TV star, is not showing any signs of stopping and is set to hit the big screen soon.

    Lasizwe revealed to TshisaLIVE that he has joined the cast of Who’s My Daddy , a comedy directed by and . The film also stars , , and many more.

    “It’s big and I’m excited about it, but I’m very scared about this accomplishment. I didn’t really expect it to come this year. This has been a very great year filled with challenges,” Lasizwe said about the project.

    He said starring in movies has been his goal since he started his home-made YouTube videos.

    “It has been goal to one day feature in a movie. Growing up we used to watch movies and series on TV. We would imitate them and wish you could see yourself on the big screen and hey, here I am.”

    Lasizwe will be playing a character called Harrison who is all about “go big or go home” and is placed on the police’s most-wanted list. In an attempt not to get caught, Harrison goes through different disguises during his criminal journey.

    Lasizwe prepared for his role by watching a lot of movies orientated towards his character.

    “I’m trying to channel the different accents and different personalities because I would like to own my character.”

    He plans to shock Mzansi with just how talented he is.

    “I want everyone in the cinema to say: How the hell did he pull that off and that it will be amazing’.”

    Shooting on the film starts later this week.

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