I'M STILL IN SHOCK AFTER READING THIS! Find Out The Taboos In Igbo People Nigerian's Cultures • illuminaija

I’M STILL IN SHOCK AFTER READING THIS! Find Out The Taboos In Igbo People Nigerian’s Cultures


I’M STILL IN SHOCK AFTER READING THIS! Find Out The Taboos In Igbo People Nigerian’s Cultures

There are many taboos/ abominations in Igbo land, but it unveils as the case prevails.  These rules were made by the ancestors of the Igbo people. It is believed that abominations in Igbo land stem from fear and the primitive nature of the ancestors. That said, they are still believed and practised by a lot of people. For clarity, the Igbos are the people of an ethnic group native to present southeastern Nigeria.  

Abominations and Taboos in Igbo Land Includes:


There are four Major market days in Igboland, which compromises of Eke market day, Orie market day, Afo market day, and Nkwo market day. 

On market days, people take whatever they have available to be purchased to an assigned place meant for that market day. All buyers definitely know where and when to go to the market to make their purchases. Each market day has its own centrality and its very own customary connections.

Eke Market day is a market day put aside by the ancestors. On that day, no one must go to farmland to take part in any work, and there will be no way wedding functions.  People prefer to go to the market to engage in any trade they want and return home to rest for the following day.


There are two sorts of the Eke Snake in Igboland.  One is Eke Orasi, and the other is called Eke Uwonya. Eke Orasi is a short python that is common everywhere in Igboland, while Eke Uwonya is a giant long Python found in the forest.

Eke Uwonya is consumable, yet the short Python can’t be slaughtered or eaten because it is forbidden. It is trusted that the Eke Orasi are the children of Orashi stream, which is found in Abia, Imo, and part of Anambra State. Erroneously or deliberately murdering a python means trouble. The act necessitates that the creature should be mourned with grievances of a perished individual. Strange right? Welcome to Igboland.



 Osu and Ume in Igboland are said to be the general population who were brought from a far land. Significantly, they are being utilized as slaves or offered as a forfeit to the ancestors. They must worship the Idols, serve the Idols, and they are to live in the market where they serve the Idols. These sets of individuals are exceptionally innovative and attractive. However, they are not permitted to either wed, participate in gatherings, or relationship with the sons of the soil. The sons of the soil are the real offspring of the land. On the off chance that you ask me, I will say the general population from the Igboland are supremacists. Lol! I am merely clowning, it is their way of life, and I respect that.

The Osu and Ume’s are from Igboland, their kids grow up and carry on with an extraordinary life. They get hitched to either an individual from their tribe or an individual from different ethnicity. This contention has been on for the longest. The sons of the soil are made to trust that the OSU and UME(s) don’t have traditions. As it is believed that their culture and customs are lost in time. Despite all of these controversies, in the present day, endeavors have been made to cancel this idea. Shockingly, nothing has enhanced, this law was laid down by the ancestors.


The Nze is the male, while the Ozo is his spouse. They both hold the most noteworthy customary titles in Igboland in the ancient days. They are viewed as the customary priest of the Igboland, which makes them get preferences and exemptions from any type of community work. The Nze or Ozo must not venture into a river or stream where individuals are occupying already. At whatever point they want to visit, or utilize the waterways/stream, everyone in that water runs out.

This is to show respect and honor. They are free to utilize the waterway or stream while every other individual stops outside until the point when they are through. On the off chance that it happens that somebody goes along with them in the stream, that individual must assuage the land.


Any chicken or goat that bears one infant is condemned, and its offspring are described as an EBURALA. It must be slaughtered and eaten once it is matured. On no event should this creature be taken to the market for sale or left to have offsprings. Doing otherwise is considered an abomination in Igboland.


It is an abomination for a Chicken to crow at Night in Igboland. If it does, that fowl must be apprehended and killed for consumption.


In the olden days, on the off chance that a baby develops the upper teeth first, or if a child is born with teeth.  Such a child is bad luck and an abomination in Igboland. The child will be tossed into an evil forest for animal consumption. Note that this demonstration has been abolished because, in a long time past, people do things out of primitivism. In a similar vein, twins were killed yet today, nothing of such exists.


It is considered an abomination in Igboland if a woman lay down with her significant other’s sibling. If she takes part in such an act, her better half will die. On the off chance that she takes part in a s£xual association with another person, she and her significant other will live in need and want. When an Igbo lady is hitched, she is married forever except in the case of divorce.  I wonder why the Igbo people did not consider creating such a rule to govern the men too. 

I’M STILL IN SHOCK AFTER READING THIS! Find Out The Taboos In Igbo People Nigerian’s Cultures


It is an abomination in Igboland to kill any human; if such an act occurs, the accused person will pay severely for that offense. Also, committing suicide is forbidden. If such an act is done, such a person does not get a proper burial. Let’s leave it as the body is discarded.


It is an abomination in Igboland to give or receive one item or any Item in an odd-numbered form, e.g., 1, 3, 5,7,9…….. When presenting or receiving a gift, it must be in pairs, e.g., 2,4,6,8,10……….. If anyone is presented with one item as a gift, such a thing is accepted and been thrown away.

The reason for this is that the Igbos believe that the two (2) represent the breasts of their mother. And the multiple of two represents the multiplication of blessings.


You can whistle with your mouth all day, but it is an abomination in Igboland to sound with your mouth at night, it is believed that it is a way of getting the attention of snakes, while others believe it attracts evil spirits. In the olden days, if someone accidentally whistles at night, an elderly person there will rush to the kitchen, pick up burning wood and throw it outside. That is a sign of appeasing the gods and forestalling the repercussion of that act. The person will say some words, begging and appealing to the ancestors, stating that the offender did the act unknowingly.



Doing any kind of evil to this category of people is an abomination in Igboland. Husbands and Children born to sisters or daughters of the Igbo communities are treasured, and no form of unpleasantries must be recorded against the family.

Husbands and children of the daughters of the land are automatic members of the family, and they have equal rights with the other members of the family. In most cases, they are giving areas to build on for their remembrance. It is called the “mark of Inlaws.”


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