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Heavy K – “I am an African Superstar Deejay”


Heavy K – “I am an African Superstar Deejay”

reveals his growth in the industry as a DJ. From doing free performances to receiving high pay.

The star grew from nothing to something and he said this is just the beginning of his story.


Tweeting about his pay as a Deejay, Heavy said:

“I remember i used to Deejay for free sometimes for 2k to 5k but now being able to get Paid over 100k for a Deejay Set it’s actually crazy! Meaning I’ve grown beyond being just a Disc Jockey! I am an African Superstar Deejay & ain’t done.I love my country & I love my Africa.”

Heavy K’s story as inspired lots of his fans and, recently, Nandi Madida emphasized the value of patience and hard work to young and growing stars in the industry.


“There are so many young people who,because of social media,don’t understand that most successful people started at ground 0,working for free/next to nothing&now charge enormous fees because they’ve done the work,have the experience& the expertise in their field! Be patient,” she said.


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