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He was always beating me-Funny Face’s baby mama finally comes out to expose him

He was always beating me-Funny Face’s baby mama finally comes out to expose him

Finally, Vanessa, the baby mama of Funny Face, has come out to expose Funny Face and set the record straight on why she left him.

According to Vanessa, in a new voice note funny Face was beating the hell out of her the least chance he gets.

She narrated how she was saved by Maame Yeboah Asiedu when Funny Face beat her for asking him to help take care of their twins.

Vanessa explained the same Maame Yeboah Asiedu came to her rescue and took her to her own home to stay with her for 4 days with her children.

After insulting the woman when she took her away, Funny Face recorded another video pleading for forgiveness. It was the same woman she is now insulting that begged on his behalf to settle their relationship problems.

This is the first time Funny Face’s baby mama has uttered a word in public to explain why she had to leave Funny Face, and from what she has said, it simply boils down to how Funny Face was always abusing her.

Interestingly, she is pregnant again for Funny Face. She was pregnant before leaving Funny Face’s house, and that Funny Face does not even take care of her and her unborn baby. It’s the same Maame Yeboah Asiedu helping her out in Kumasi, where she lives now.

From time to time, Funny Face gets a breakdown and accuse one person or the other of causing her relationship with her baby mama to collapse.

He started his accusations with Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin; Then, he moved on to Kalybos. Then he moved on to accuse his own close friend, Bismark The Joke, of influencing his baby mama to leave him.

It came as a shock when Ghanaians woke up to a series of allegations from Funny Face that veteran media personality now turned minister of God. Maame Yeboah Asiedu caused his relationship with Vanessa to break down.

He claimed the woman influenced Vanessa, the baby mama, to misbehave and eventually leave him. He claims to have audio recordings, voice notes, and screenshots to back his claims.

Funny Face did not end there; he alleges the woman of God is a pimp who supplies big men in Ghana with young girls. He claims she is a fake woman, and he is about to expose her.

The woman has not directly come out to speak to the allegations, but Vanessa’s audio exonerates the woman if it anything to go by.

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