DISGUSTING😱 See Why Fathers Force Their Sons To Have S$x With Donkeys [VIDEO]


Yes, you read that right. In the northern Colombian town of Cartagena, adolescent boys are having regular s$x with donkeys. It is normal for men to be attracted to buttocks but some Colombian took it the wrong way. 
There are people in Northern Colombia where donkey love is a very normal thing and every one man has s$xual intercourse with donkeys. 

They buy donkeys, feed them, caress them and shockingly f$ck them. This tradition is widely known and accepted in parts of Colombia as a rite of passage for many boys to become men. Fathers will often take their young boys out to teach them how to have intercourse with the farm animals. 

Once these young men get a taste of intercourse with donkeys it appears hard to give up. For normal people, it’s an irritating moment but Colombian men and women find it a part of daily routine.


Apparently, Colombia is a very religious Catholic country and women do not have s$x until they are adult or married in some cases. So, boys and men find their pleasure in donkeys. 

You think what I said just now is weird then following facts about donkey will just blow your mind. Many cases have been reported of married men repeatedly cheating on their wives with donkeys well into adulthood. 

The practice itself is believed by Colombians to benefit the boys a great deal by giving them the means to practice having s$x and better prepare them to please their future wives. 

As Colombia is an extremely catholic nation, pre or extramarital s$x is extremely frowned upon. So using Donkey’s is just a surprising loophole for horny youth. 

They also believe that having s$x with donkeys will make their penises bigger as well as prevent them from becoming homos$xual. It’s not just a few horny boys but every preteen at the age of around 10 engages in s$xual intercourse with a donkey to lose his virginity. 

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Some boys even call donkeys their girlfriend. A boy said that her human girlfriend is not willing to have s$x yet so he gets off on donkeys. 

You know how a boy is considered cool by how many girls he hooked up within the school. It’s the same in Northern Colombia but this time they count how many donkeys he f$cked. 


Another reason or let’s say excuse for donkey love is practice. It is said that they are preparing for the time they will have s$x with a woman. 

F$cking donkeys are preparing them and at the time they will be able to easily satisfy their woman. However, it seems like their women can’t satisfy these men. 

Every year a festival is conducted in Colombia to celebrate their love for donkeys.

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