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‘Celebs are dumb, just like you’, AKA tells fans


‘Celebs are dumb, just like you’, AKA tells fans

Rapper AKA is known to be a very active user of social media and he does not like things to slide away when it comes to saying the right thing.

AKA took to his twitter handle to dish out a reminder telling his fans that “celebrities are dumb, just like you” as he calls out his fellow celebrities.

The artist caused a commotion online this week when he warmed up his Twitter fingers and shot off a cheeky message about a celeb who get caught up in the social media storms that are constantly brewing.


Recall, AKA has previously called out the rich and famous for being silent on political matters.

The teasing didn’t end there for AKA.

He hinted at a release of his next album, posting a white board with what seemed to be the tracklist on it.

His mentions went crazy, as people reacted to the post with their own theories on who the rapper could have been subbing.

Having caused all the chaos, AKA returned to joke that his tweet was golden and that he enjoyed dropping random tweets to leave fans deep in their feels.

This isn’t the first time AKA has called out his colleagues.

“99% of SA celebrities are not about inspiring you … they’re about flexing on you,” he said in a tweet late last year.


When asked when fans can expect the album, AKA seemingly took a dig at his rivals.

“Aha! Can’t tell you that. Don’t want people to start shifting their dates around and stuff,”  joked the star.


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