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Candy Magidimisa launches meme collection of herself

has been used multiple times as memes on Twitter and now she has decided to put together a collection of memes into an album.

Candy Magidimisa launches meme collection of herself

Although she has been humiliated severally due to her funny facial expressions but she used the same memes that were meant to humiliate her to empower others.

“I did this meme album to empower those who are victims of cyber bullying to laugh at themselves, their faults and imperfections. This removes the sting from any bad joke about a person. It disempowers the bully,” says the Limpopo-born actress.

Candy stated that she hopes this will help many young people who have been victims of cyberbullying and bullying generally to use negativity thrown at them to their advantage.


“What matters is what you think about yourself and how you see yourself. It begins with the conversations you hold with yourself,” she says.

The actress added that many successful comedians were once victims of bullying and ridicule, but it was laughing at themselves that birthed the humour in them and she was using the same approach.


The meme collection will be launched on Muvhango’s social media on June 15.


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