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1 of 5 people in Johannesburg has HIV

1 of 5 people in Johannesburg has HIV

Study has revealed that 1 of 5 people in has . South Africans under the age of 50 are HIV-positive, a 5% increase over the last 19 years.

Steve Letsike from the South African National Aids Council says the data revealed by the study is not surprising.

“Our reaction to the study that was released, I mean it is expected, details that are out there because the program under the national strategic plan has actually spoken about the increasing number of people living with HIV.”

“Evidence will suggest how many people we need to put on treatment. It is finding the people who are HIV positive, so it is the missing cases and the people who are supposed to be on treatment contribute to the increase in that manner”, said Letsike.

Letsike says what is a priority now is to ensure that people in the country have access to quality and safe health care.

The research also showed how few Africans have access to antiretrovirals. According to Unicef, 34% of HIV positive people in East and Southern Africa and 60% of people in West and Central Africa are not currently on treatment.

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