64 Year Old Becomes China’s Oldest Mother Of Newborn After Giving Birth To Baby Boy. (Photos)


A S3xagenarian woman who lost her only child gave birth to a healthy baby boy by Cesarean section and herself remained stable in Changchun, Northeast China’s Jilin province on Dec 28.

The 64 year old had a C-section on her due date – the operation went smoothly. Though the woman was completely exhausted after delivery.


The doctor in charge, Teng Hong said the woman was the oldest she had accepted as a patient, and may be the oldest across the country so far.

“I was really moved at the moment, and my nerves, which were tense for months, were eventually stretched,” Teng said.
The mother and baby are both healthy, and the woman can leave hospital in a few days,” Teng, added, saying that the happy ending is a result of the mother’s rigorous prenatal care and pleasant mood.


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