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How to tie a scarf

How to tie a scarf


How to tie a scarf

These days, ladies tie scarves not just because they are needed but because they make them more beautiful and presentable. There are many ways you cantransform your look with scarves. Below are the  different ways to tie your scarves:

Up in knots
Fold a skinny scarf in half, centre the scarf at the end nape of your neck, tie a double knot and let the hand hang like a ponytail, then twist the sides and wrap around the knot  once or twice,then tuck in the ends.

Twisted turban
Place your scarf at the back of the neck with the ends in front, cross the two ends over each other then twist  them one moretime with the end  that you started with and tug tightly.


Classic scarf
Fold your scarf into a triangle and wrap over your head with the long edge of the triangle just above the hairline or fringe. Cross the end of the scarf under your chin, then take it around to the back of your neck and tie them in a knot.

Bow scarf
Fold your scarf around your hairline and tie into a bow in front. It is good for everyday style.

Hat wrap
Fold your scarf and lay it across the hat, with the long edge of the scarf lying over the front of the hat’s crown. Take the two ends of the long edge of the scarf and pull them gently back around the sides of the hat, then tie it to a knot at the back.

Hair band
Fold your scarf on the bias, then wrap across your forehead across behind your ears and tie in a square knot at the nape ofyour neck. Let the ends hang free or tuck them into the band for a beautiful look.

Wrap a scarf around your ponytail, with the ends facing up and tie ends once or two times.

The head wrap
Fold your scarf in a triangle and drape it in your head with the long edge of the triangle across your forehead, take the two ends back across the side of your head.

The bib
Start by putting your scarf around your neck, making both sides in equal length crossing the ends. Push one side up and under the other and pull it tight but it must not be too tight.

Wrap and tuck
Put the scarf behind your head lowering one side twice as long as the other, wrap the longer side around the head and tuck one side into the space between your neck and the scarf to secure it.


Embrace texture
Wrap your scarf in a triangle way with the penciled end in the back, twist the end as you wrap them around your head crossing them over in the back and pulled over in the front to tie a knot then leave some hair texture in the front.


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