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DOWNLOAD: Zule Zoo – Kerewa (mp3)

DOWNLOAD: Zule Zoo – Kerewa (mp3)


DOWNLOAD: Zule Zoo – Kerewa (mp3)

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Kerewa, which became a popular slang after the duo band Zule Zoo Made use of the word in their hit song “Kerewa”, this is a throwback..


The endearing thing about this Kerewa song, would be it’s undulating beats and sordid lyrics that didn’t spare them a ban from the NBC when it’s gavel fell hard in verdict. Regardless, the video tells a sinuous story laid out in the lyrics while showing their traditional music showmanship in a dance craft as well as the culture of their local roots (Tiv, Benue State Nigeria).

Micheal Aboh and Al-Hassan Ibrahim (the Zule Zoo brothers) have long shelved their music aspirations and moved on to other events that offer them human satisfaction.

Reboot yourself and enjoy this one!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Zule Zoo – Kerewa



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