Kim Kardashian told she’ll NEVER see her $4million diamond ring again


After four months of seemingly few leads on Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery case, police have moved quickly to arrest 17 people in connection with the armed crime – including the star’s personal chauffeur.

Sparking questions about a possible inside job, detectives swooped on driver Michael Madar, who was employed to transport Kim around Paris during Fashion Week last autumn.

However, he has since been released from custody after a police grilling and, according to TMZ, has no criminal charges laid against him.

Meanwhile, Kim has reportedly been told that her $4million diamond ring given to her by Kanye West is unlikely to reappear, as the thieves probably shipped it straight to Antwerp’s diamond district in Belgium after taking it from her Parisian apartment.

Kim had been wearing the enormous 20-carat emerald-cut ring in the hours before the robbery, having Snapchatted herself with it in that same evening.

She’s put in an insurance claim for the bling, along with claims for 12 other items of jewellery totalling $5.6million.

But investigators can’t be sure whether she’ll ever see them again.

-The Mirror

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