Jamb 2017: What to do While You' re Waiting for UTME by Iyabo - illuminaija

Jamb 2017: What to do While You’ re Waiting for UTME by Iyabo

Information is power. This statement is an absolute truth considering the technology age that we are in . All we do or achieve is based on the quality of

information available to us .
Information is like a piece of advice ; it can either make or mar you. As students who have just recently left secondary school or are still waiting for the JAMB UTME , the questions you might be asking is WHAT NEXT ?


There are certain things you can involve yourself in for the purpose of personal growth while patiently waiting to write JAMB or even before entering higher institution .

As I once read that the two types of students that will not make it are :
* Those that are myopic
* Those that get vital information and refuse to take steps .
Without further ado , here are some things to do to keep you busy .


You can learn and specialize in any craft / trade. There are various crafts available like make- up and fashion , décor, bead making and tailoring ; catering computer application etc .

The beautiful thing about this is that regardless of what you end up studying , this vocation can be a stepping stone for you after school . You could discover your talent and create a niche for yourself in a particular field .

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