How to watch the #iPhone7 announcement live as Apple launches latest smartphone #AppleEvent


For Apple fans, tonight is the biggest night of the year: the launch of a new iPhone.

To many people, it might just look like a slightly different version of a gadget which was released last year.

But to acolytes of the Cult of Apple, it’s basically Christmas, Easter and the Second Coming all rolled into one.

The event will be broadcast live across the world tonight starting at 6pm British time.

Normally, it could only be seen using an Apple device or computer, but that’s changed slightly this year.

Look below to find out how to watch the event on your favourite gizmo.

Watch the iPhone event on an Apple computer

Easy. Just open up the Safari web browser and head to this page.

You’ll need to have Safari 6.0.5  installed or a more recent version of the browser and be using OS X version 10.8.5 or later.

Watch the iPhone event on an iPhone or iPad

Make sure you’re running at least iOS 7 – or the very latest software to be on the safe side.

Then visit Apple’s webpage and get watching.

Watch the event on a PC

This is a bit more tricky. If you’re got Windows 10, you can just load up Microsoft’s Edge browser and visit the Apple website.

If not, we advise you check out Tech Radar’s excellent guide to using a programme called VLC Media Player to watch it.

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