Phone thief charged with stealing phone while in court on charges of stealing phones


He’s been charged with stealing a phone in court while waiting for his case – about stealing phones – to be heard.

Faisal Iqbal, who is a suspect in several cases of phone theft, had been waiting for his court hearing at the Thane sessions court on Wednesday.

After approaching the court stenographer Nandini Purarkar, 44, to ask how long his case would be, he spotted her phone in a corner, allegedly pocketed it and disappeared.

When his case was finally called, Shaikh could not be found.

It was only during the lunch hour that Purarkar had realised her phone was missing. When she tried ringing it, it was switched off.

Police then cornered at Shaikh at his home in Mumbra and his father was questioned.

He revealed that his son visits Mumbra railway station every evening to sell stolen phones.

So cops set up a trap at the station and managed to arrest him after recovering two phones from him, including the one belonging to the stenographer.

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