Strength Of A Woman: See The Nigerian Woman Who Sells Puff-Puff on Water

The story of this hardworking Nigerian woman shows the strength of some women out there who despite the hardship in this country, still hustle hard to cater for their families..God bless them all!


The above photo which was shared by a Facebook user, Akaninyene Ukpong, has revealed a harworking and business woman who was not ready to allow her environment deter herfrom doing what she’s got to do.He said: “The strength of a woman. Each time I look at this picture, I see the tenacity to struggle for survival and to make ends meet for her family. This is the strength of a virtuous woman. I doff my cap!”The woman’s location in Nigeria is not yet ascertained as at the time of filing this report, but for the fact that she’s selling on water, it must be from one of the states in the Niger Delta region.
Kudos to her and every hardworking woman out there doing their best to cater for their families!

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